Meet Our Suppliers

Access these fine suppliers of top-quality food service and specialty retail items.

Chesapeake Smokehouse

AMAZING Smoked Salmon - crafted in Annapolis

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Curate Foodservice

Culinary solutions for foodservice and retail

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Product List

Hollywood Oyster Co.

FRESH Oysters from the Chesapeake Bay

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Trout's Supreme Seafood

Maryland's Own Crabcakes and crab-based seafood products

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Island Bwoy Cuisine

Handmade Gourmet Sausages with a Hint of the Islands

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Eastern Standard

Artisanal, hand-twisted soft pretzels and more!

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Torn Apron

Restaurant quality grab-and-go meals.

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Stachowski's Gourmet Charcuterie

Georgetown-based meats, sausages and charcuterie

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Authentic & Locally Crafted Empanadas

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Perla Italian Pastries

True Italian Puff-Pastries made with High-Quality Ingredients

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Go Oats!

Steel-Cut Oats in a DELICIOUS ball. Locally  made with all-natural ingredients.

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Myka Estates

Fine wine from California's Sierra Foothills and beyond.

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Les Trois Petits Cochons (Three Little Pigs)

Handmade and Artisanal Sous-Vide Egg Bites

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Epicurean Butter

Cook like a chef - in your own kitchen!

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Bindi Italian Desserts

Imported Italian desserts, pastries, breads and more!

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Chef-inspired dressings and marinades

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Capone Foods

Homestyle food for busy people. Ready to bake pizzas, prepared meals, and savory pasta sauces are just a few of the Italian delights available.

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Culinary Specialties

Complete lines of top-quality appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

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All-Natural Drink Mixers

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Faris Petro

Premium 100% Arabic coffee.

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Beeler's Pure Pork

All Natural Duroc Pork Products

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