Rich is an accomplished strategic marketing professional with an expertise in business development, merchandising and operations. Rich has consulted with dozens of small and medium-sized businesses on growth strategy, building-out diversified revenue streams and identifying new market opportunities. Rich’s expertise has led him to originate several start-up businesses as well as develop multi-sector, public-private partnerships with governmental agencies, Top Fortune 500 retailers, distributors, and food tech start-ups.

Roma has been in the food industry for 30+ years and provides a wealth of knowledge in recipe development and in manufactured products. An Italian-trained and former head chef, Roma has been prolific in the Organic food and food sensitivity industry. She was a partner in a full-service, woman-owned catering and event planning company as well as a Gluten-Free crab cake company. Her insights and her innovative R&D work benefits companies by generating new revenue streams and expanded customer markets.